Talamanca Reserve

Located in San Gerardo de Rivas, Pérez Zeledón.
Tel. 011 (506) 2-742-5080
Fax. 011 (506) 2-742-5081

Welcome to the cloud forest! Hike to ten different hidden waterfalls.

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Nature at its best! Over 4,000 acres of tropical forest in the mountains, at the foot of Central America’s highest mountain, Mt. Chirripó, and the Chirripó National Park, Costa Rica.

Our property is unique. It has taken many years to dig out these fabulous trails in the forest, leading to our ten waterfalls. Getting there is half the fun, as these nature trails are quite unbelievable.

Comfortable, modern American style cabins; call for reservations or click here to do it now.

In the evening, sit around the fireplace and practice the friendly art of conversation.

By the way, evenings are cool here in the mountains; bring a sweater.

Hopefully your host.

Talamanca Nature Reserve
(Nature at its best)

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